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Those that know us, know we love food; but what we love most about food is that it brings people together. The table provides nourishment NOT just for the body but also for the soul. As we reflect on this last year, gathering around a table has taken on a special significance for us. People brought food to our table, decorated the table with flowers, candles, and gifts. We laughed, cried, made decisions, and prayed around the table. Friends, family, and strangers served us at the table.

As we remember Nora Jo and celebrate her birthday, would you participate in the #norajochallenge and host a meal? Invite whoever God has placed on your heart: neighbors, colleagues, family, friends… Use the hashtags below, so we can collect your stories on this page!

#invitationtothetable #norajoself #norajochallenge #invitationalatable #kindnessrevival

Bring people close so love doesn’t feel far. Our desire is that an open table would be part of our culture!

When we see Nora Jo again, we will be around The Banquet Table, feasting with the Lord and experiencing heaven. A place where there will be no more pain and no more tears.  And our prayer is that everyone we know – and anyone the Lord puts in our path – would be at that table.

We give all the glory and thanks to Jesus, who put breath in our lungs – He gave us supernatural strength, protected our hearts and kept us close as we walked through the deepest valley. 

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